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Welcome to the flashback wiki - An online utility for the historical magazine "flashback"! Here you can read further into topics raised in the magazine, check out our video series and gather sources for your GCSE modern history homework. We're always expanding! If you want to be part of our open community, join in and start editing your own articles which we'll add into the next magazine issue!

What is Flashback?[edit | edit source]

Flashback's a new magazine open available to all GCSE pupils in Woodlands, which features articles and sources that you might find useful for your revision for the up-and-coming exams in January and June. The magazines written by pupils and teachers, and if you want to add your own article or pose your own questions, write it up on here and we'll do our best to feature it in next months issue of flashback. If you want a copy of flashback, ask in history today! Not only do we write magazines; we feature special revision videos and podcasts for topics covered in our magazines. If you want to be a guest-star in the series, please email and we'll make sure you'll be in the next episode!

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Featured Page: Magazine Episodes[edit | edit source]

Every month, we publish a new magazine on modern world history topics that we'll be covering next year. We try to provide a short and comprehensive overview on all of the major elements of the subjects, but of course just like all things in history, there's a lot of details we've left out to keep the magazine nice and simple, so we've added a section here for you to further read into the subject. If you want to find more information out on the subjects we might not have covered in the episode, you can Click on a magazine below to see more information about the topics discussed

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